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Bazaar Tales: Prelude

10th November 2016

Bazaars have long been places where people came to trade and exchange goods, ideas, and stories. The bazaar was a place to buy, to sell, to explore, to learn, to share, to entertain and be entertained. The colours, sounds, smells and energy of these Bazaars have for centuries been changing our tastes by exposing us to new flavours and new ideas.

The concept of the bazaar began more than 2,000 years ago.

In an era long before social media, this was the place where people of different religions, castes, colours and creed from around the world met, socialised, engaged, and entertained. These bustling marketplaces hummed with life as they welcomed all regardless of ethnicity, caste or creed. Citizens of the globe travelled to trade, socialise, entertain and exchange ideas, recipes and goods.

Long before the seed of democracy was planted Bazaars were democratic, open and welcoming places where there was always something for everyone, no matter who you were. No matter the time of day or month of the year, if someone needed or wanted something, the bazaar was the place they would find a merchant selling it.

They continue to be vibrant meeting places in major cities across the world, where even today, families dine, tourists browse and writers find their characters amongst the jungle of the market stalls. The Bazaar spirit is still very much alive, and has earned it’s place in the heart of London’s dining scene.

This is why it is such a pleasure to bring Bazaar to Covent Garden.